Monday, August 24, 2015


We have been enjoying a beautiful summer with warm or even hot dry days.  The past few days have been much cooler and rainy, and it even dropped to 8 degrees celcius overnight, which is reminding us of the cool autumn days to come.  

We have been spending as much of our time outside as possible, playing ponies

picking wild red currants

splashing in puddles

playing at the beach

going for walks

drinking tea

dancing in the rain

picking raspberries in the lane

climbing trees

and simply relaxing together!


Our Daily Schedule August 2015

We have been enjoying the relaxed days of summer without much of a schedule or routine aside from meals or nap times.  Our days have been spent out of doors and while it's been wonderful I am also looking forward to adding some structure back into our lives.  I find our days run so much smoother and go by faster when we know what we will be doing all day long.

Arabella will be 4 in September.  Daniel is 2.5 and Sammy almost 15 months.

6:30: I wake up, pray and read the Bible, get ready for the day and prep breakfast

7:15: Wake up Sammy and nurse

7:30: Wake up the other two, dress, potty and get breakfast

8-9: Breakfast, I pray and then read the Bible, some poetry and nursery rhymes as we eat.  I clean up and we tidy up their rooms, make beds and do Arabella's hair.

9: Sammy goes down for his nap.  The older two read with me for half an hour.

9:30-10:30: Arabella and Daniel play separately in their rooms.  At ten I wake Sammy and he plays in his crib.  I use this time to do laundry, clean, prep dinner in the slow cooker and read or sew.

10:30-11:45 ish: play outside, go for a walk or go to the library/errands.  Sammy nurses before lunch.

12-1: Lunch and pre nap story.

1-3:30- Nap time.  Arabella sometimes sleeps, otherwise she reads or plays in her room.

3:30- Papa is home!  Everyone up.  This time varies, we might do errands as a family, play and work outside, or have piano and violin time.  Sammy nurses again.

5:30-7: Dinner and family time.

7-7:30: Get ready for bed and read.  Sammy nurses and goes to bed.  If Arabella and Daniel napped well then they can stay up until 8.  If not then everyone goes to sleep!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Little Sailor Romper

I stumbled across the directions for this little sailor boy romper and just had to make it.  I love sailor outfits and especially rompers on baby boys.

This was the first time I've done a pattern of this sort- tracing around a store bought garment and then putting together your own pattern.  It went very well except I have to get some stronger snaps for the bottom so it won't keep coming undone.

Here is a link to the directions:
Sailor Boy Romper

We had spent the morning at the park and Sammy ended up falling asleep in his stroller.  It amazes me that at 14 months he still has as solid morning and afternoon nap.  Arabella and Daniel had already dropped their morning naps by that age.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peach Dress

This dress is taken from a 'vintage' pattern that my mother used for my dresses.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out based on the pattern drawings but I think it looks so pretty on Arabella.

The above photo was taken a few days ago, whereas the following pictures are from last September, when we were in Portugal visiting family.  It's amazing to see how much she has grown and changed just in that short time.

And, our most recent family photo:

It seems to be impossible to get a picture with everyone looking good at the same time!  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Three in a Row

This was my first time making matching outfits for all three of our little ones.  It was a bit of a challenge to find fabric suitable for both boys and girl, but I think this one was a nice neutral.

 Arabella's top was supposed to have been a dress, but the skirt piece disappeared, so I turned it into a blouse, and it came out rather cute.

Sammy's overall strap kept opening up, which was very annoying to perfectionist me, but I was able to fix it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Arabella and Sammy

I posted in 2013 about the matching outfits I made for Arabella and Daniel.  Daniel of course outgrew his overalls long ago, but Arabella still fit into her dress and Sammy was able to wear the overalls.

This picture was from September so Arabella no longer fits her dress, but I am happy that she was able to match her littlest brother as well!

Strawberry Hill Sweater

This sweater took me a very long time to complete... well over a year!  I started it before I found out I was expecting Sammy, and then I was too sick or tired most of the time to work on it.  I finally finished it this fall and thankfully it is a big fit because it now fits Arabella perfectly.

The pattern can be found here for free.

Unfortunately just before these photos were taken Arabella fell and scraped her nose.  But on a positive side, these pictures were taken on October 30.  It was amazing to be outside in only a light sweater- some years we have already had inches of snow!