Tuesday, July 15, 2014

He's Here!

Our second little boy, Samuel Octavius Joaquim, was born exactly 7 weeks ago on May 27.  I've been wanting to write about his arrival ever since but I've been so busy.  Hardly a moment with my hands free long enough to type more than a sentence.  He ended up being 11 days late, which was a difficult wait!  It felt like he would never arrive.  But he did, and best of all, we had a short but very intense 3 hour labour, 3 minutes of pushing, and a wonderful homebirth, just as I'd wished for with Arabella and Daniel.  He is our biggest baby yet at 9 lb 15 oz and 21.5 inches.  At his seven week checkup today he was already up to 13 lb 14 oz. No wonder why he barely fits into 3 month old clothes!

Everyone asks if he's a 'good' baby.  Of course he is, he is the best!    Maybe it's because he is our third, but I don't stress about things like I did with our first two.  
He is quite fussy in the evenings from about 7-10 pm but I know that will pass soon enough and I'm just enjoying the all too short newborn days of sweet cuddles.

So far life with 3 under three isn't as hectic as I'd imagined.  The first few weeks took some adjusting, but now we're back at our routine and little Sammy fits right in.

Arabella and Daniel have taken to him very nicely.  Daniel was taken aback the first 2 days and needed lots of love from Mama, but now he loves to pat Sammy, kiss him and rock his chair.  Arabella says 'poor Hammy' when he cries and tries to share her food with him.

He first smiled at 3 days but for the past week he's been giving lots of huge grins and even trying to giggle.

He is a wonderful addition to our family and we are very thankful to have been blessed with him.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


It seems we are going to have another late arrival.  My due date was on Friday and it is now Sunday evening and no sign of baby.  I was prepared to go late, since Arabella and Daniel were both a week late, but I always sort of hope that this will be the time baby will arrive a bit early!  I know babies will come when they are ready, and I'm fine with that, but once you go past 40 weeks there is more and more pressure to induce, or just have extra tests like ultrasounds, which I prefer to avoid as much as possible.  Last time my midwife was willing to take me past 42 weeks, so I really hope she will be so accommodating this time as well.

Sam has decided to stay at home with us until baby arrives (and a week or two thereafter) and we spent this warm Sunday working outside.  Daniel was very excited to help Papa and trudged back and forth after the wheelbarrow all morning.

Then they had rides in the wheelbarrow, which was even more fun.  Arabella is laughing, not crying- hard to tell the difference in the pictures.

All of the 'helping' tuckered them out, they both napped for 3 hours and went to bed again at 7 pm!

Daniel has started doing the cutest little pucker whenever we ask for a kiss.  Nothing nicer than sweet baby kisses.

(and yes, his nose is bruised from tumbling down the stairs)

We have been enjoying the spring, although it is cooler than usual.  Everything is late- the trees have barely started to bud and no sign of lilacs, which are usually in full bloom by now.  Even my peonies have only just begun to poke out of the ground.

Arabella took Emma for her first outing in the stroller

and Daniel amuses himself for hours with sticks.

Of course ladybugs are a favourite as well.

Hopefully my next post will be an announcement of the arrival of baby #3.  We can't wait to meet him or her!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Toddler Girl Winter Coat

I finally finished off a winter coat for Arabella.  I say finally because I began it back in November, but then I had to order some fur trim, which took over a month to arrive, and then it took me a while to get the coat finished and pictures taken.  Arabella has been able to wear it several times, but I doubt it will fit her next winter.  I should have made a size bigger!

She refused to wear the matching hat- I don't know why, since she loves all of her other hats.  

It was a quick and easy sew so I might just make another one for next year.  If she has a little sister they could even match!

Monday, April 7, 2014


It seems that spring is finally here!  After one of the coldest winters on record (we had a few days that hit -50 celcius!) we have been eagerly anticipating warmer weather.  It has been lovely and mild, so much so that we don't even need a coat, maybe a very light sweater.

Arabella still insisted on wearing her hood- she is very into hoods at the moment.  As well as pink, which is why she is wearing a coat that is too small- as long as it is pink she doesn't care!
 The little ones had lots of fun making mud pies and getting nice and dirty!

Arabella was saying 'Come Danny' and leading him about by the hand.

 Arabella is also very aware of when things are 'dirty' and that we shouldn't touch/wear them, so she took off her muddy wellies, complaning they were 'too diwty'.  Needless to say her and Daniel came in straight to the bath!

 We are just hoping the good weather holds- it is so hard to go back to snow and cold after having a taste of spring.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I suppose with two toddlers in the house one is bound to have mishaps sooner or later, no matter how closely you supervise them.  It seems we've had a fair share lately, probably because Daniel is walking now and I am getting too slow and tired in the third trimester of pregnancy to keep up with them!

We are renting an apartment in another city, since Sam is working here temporarily and we will be living here part time for a few months.  Since we only have 2 bedrooms, it was the perfect time to start Arabella and Daniel room sharing.  Something I've been meaning to do for a long time, but never worked up the courage to try.  At night its been going great, but naps are a different story.  They just want to play together :).  So on the weekend I decided to put Daniel in the storage room/pantry.

He fell asleep right away and had a long sleep, and then I could hear him very quietly making some sounds.  I thought it was odd, as he usually babbles and screeches loudly when he wakes up.  I decided to leave him while I finished something off, and when I went in discovered the reason for the silence:

 He had grabbed bags of spices, cocoa powder, beans and ripped everything open, scattering it all over.  I don't think he liked whatever he sampled, hence the crying!

Arabella always wants Daniel to sit right next to her at the table.  She likes to feed him (even though he is capable of feeding himself) but gets very upset when he takes food off her tray, which is rather funny considering she puts whatever she doesn't like on his tray and then takes her favourites from him.  A couple of days ago I got up for literally 5 seconds to get Daniel some water and when I turned back he looked like this:

Guilty party in the background...

Poor Daniel... what little brothers have to put with!

Our toilet has been semi plugged for days since Arabella flushed a spoon down it.  She was so quick and has never done so before, so I didn't even have time to stop her, although I was right there.  Sam works nights (he is gone 13 hours a day) so he hasn't had time to clear it yet.  Arabella and I had a long talk about what does and doesn't belong in the potty.  I'm not sure she gets it though.  She also loves 'helping'- yesterday she was jumping on a bag of cocoa powder and when I asked what she was doing she said 'helping Mummy' (?!)

On the other hand she LOVES this little stroller we bought for her.  That is almost all she has played with for the past 3 days.  She loves being a little Mummy and it is such fun to peek around the corner and see her doing an exact imitation of me with Daniel.  I can't wait to see how she reacts to her new baby brother or sister.

And Daniel is growing fast- he is my handsome little man now.  I love to see him all dressed up in his Sunday clothes.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blue and White Toddler Girls Dress

I made this dress for Arabella in the summer, and realized that I never blogged about it.  I didn't get around to taking some pictures until the day she turned two, (in September) and the day after that we found out we were expecting our third, so I quickly felt too sick to do anything on the computer.

I used Simplicity Pattern 2461, it is a simple and easy make but I think it is a classic, pretty style, especially in an antique sort of fabric like the one I used.  I made size two and it fit her perfectly at age two- she' had a huge growth spurt and was nearly 36'' tall and 29 lb!

 Here she is in November wearing it at a Bible Assembly- I *think* it still fits her now but just barely- I'm planning to make her another one for this spring anyway!
And it looks like I have a little helper in the making!

Friday, January 17, 2014

3 in May

It's been quite a while since I posted on my blog, but I've had a good excuse!  As I hinted in the title, by mid (or more likely end of, May, since I seem to go 'over' due) these two little munchkins will be big sister and brother!

From September to mid November I had quite a bit of 'morning' (more like all day and night!) sickness.  I wasn't as sick as with Arabella, but much worse than with Daniel.  Going on the computer always seems to make me feel much worse, so I avoided it as much as possible.  Then I wanted a cute way to announce our newest addition- maybe a shirt for Daniel saying 'Big Brother'- but I never could find one.  Time has flown by since then and since I'm 23 weeks already, now's as good a time as ever!

I had a scan at 12 weeks to confirm dates, and again at 20 weeks.  All looks well, except we couldn't see baby's face at 20 weeks, as he/she wouldn't turn around.  We've decided not to find out the gender, since we found out with both Daniel and Arabella, so I'm really looking forward to the surprise!

Daniel was one on Dec. 27
so he and the new baby will be 17 months apart (and Arabella will be 32 months).  It's been an adventure having two babies close in age, so I'm excited to see how it will be with three little ones!  Arabella and Daniel get along very well most of the time.  They do have little squabbles at times, like any siblings (mostly over toys!) but they are always next to each other playing, and when Daniel cries Arabella gives him a big hug and tries to cheer him up by giving him a toy or treat.
Now that I am feeling better I have some sewing and projects in mind, so hopefully I will be able to post about those soon.  Wanting to share a project is always good motivation for getting it completed .