Friday, September 20, 2013

Henrietta is here!

Last week I posted about the Henry Owl and I am pleased to say that our owl arrived several days ago safe and sound!  We decided to name her Henrietta, as she looks more like a girl owl than a boy.  :)
As soon as Arabella woke up and saw Henrietta she was very excited.  I let Bella look at her and she examined Henrietta closely and then gave her a big hug.

Arabella is fascinated with Henrietta's big button eyes.
 Arabella thought Hetty could use a bit of soothing (maybe she misses her first home!) so she put her in the swing and had fun swinging her for quite a while.
Later on I found Bella sitting in her special reading spot with her favourite dolly on one side and Hetty on the other.

If you haven't checked out the Henry Owls yet please do!  They are so cute and beautifully made.

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  1. So cute - just worked out my password details again for the blog - couldn't sign in! I love how they find little corners and steps or shelves to sit on - I remember liking making cosy spots to sit in with toys and tea things! x x