Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Henry Owl

Aren't these little owls adorable?  Several months ago one of my favourite fellow bloggers, Kat at Art's Chili Pepper, had her tenth baby, a sweet little boy named Addison (nickname Henry).  Shortly after birth Addison was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, and his big sisters have lovingly started raising funds to assist children with Down's.  They have been making these sweet little owls- each one is handmade by one of Addison's talented sisters. 
You can read all about it at Kat's blog or her daughter Kaitlin's online shop, A Stitch in Lives, to find your favourite!  I had a hard time choosing one, and some are already sold out.

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  1. Hello, Dove! Thank you so much for posting about my little feathered friends! I'm so excited to see the word getting out!