Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Potty Trained!

I am happy to announce that Arabella is officially potty trained!  I would actually say she was done at about 19 months, but she had a fear of big toilets, so when we went out she would have to wear training pants, as she would hold on as long as possible but not longer than a couple of hours.  There is nothing more embarassing than sitting in a nice restaurant and hearing *tinkle tinkle* and a little voice saying 'uh oooooooh!'

We had a phase last month of lots of accidents, even at home- good thing we have wood floors!  It seemed she was getting too busy with her playing to stop and tell me she had to go to the bathroom.  I was getting a little tired of having messes all over the place, and considered putting her back in diapers, but it seemed a shame as she had been doing so well and had been going days without accidents.  So we went back to potty 'bootcamp' and for several days I took her whenever I thought she had to go, instead of waiting for her to initiate.  She wasn't too pleased about that, but it worked! 

Then I thought that perhaps having her in training pants/a diaper when we went out was confusing, so we started bringing along her little potty in the van, (we had already tried this when she was 18 months) and she happily sat on it when we told her to (before she would cry as though she was terrified!)  The final victory was last night at our evening worship.  She told me she had to go potty (as usual, she always tells us when we are out but then refuses to go) so I took her, sat her on the big potty, and she went without a fuss.  Very exciting! 

We found John Rosemond's book Toilet Training without Tantrums very helpful, and it clears up a lot of misconceptions regarding 'early' toilet training (when really, a few generations ago training you 1.5-2 year old was quite normal!  Just think of having to hand wash diapers- you'd want to train as soon as possible too!)  If you have a strong willed little one like our Miss Bella, you might get some protests on the way- but it is worth it, and a good way for a toddler to learn self control and that they can't have everything their way. 
We love the Baby Bjorn potty, and I am thinking of getting a second one to keep in the van.  Arabella likes to help clean it (after I've cleaned it myself!)  

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  1. That's awesome! I totally agree with you that babies can easily be trained at 2... all mine did. It's really about being totally committed. They sense that. And no Pull-Ups. ;-)