Friday, January 17, 2014

3 in May

It's been quite a while since I posted on my blog, but I've had a good excuse!  As I hinted in the title, by mid (or more likely end of, May, since I seem to go 'over' due) these two little munchkins will be big sister and brother!

From September to mid November I had quite a bit of 'morning' (more like all day and night!) sickness.  I wasn't as sick as with Arabella, but much worse than with Daniel.  Going on the computer always seems to make me feel much worse, so I avoided it as much as possible.  Then I wanted a cute way to announce our newest addition- maybe a shirt for Daniel saying 'Big Brother'- but I never could find one.  Time has flown by since then and since I'm 23 weeks already, now's as good a time as ever!

I had a scan at 12 weeks to confirm dates, and again at 20 weeks.  All looks well, except we couldn't see baby's face at 20 weeks, as he/she wouldn't turn around.  We've decided not to find out the gender, since we found out with both Daniel and Arabella, so I'm really looking forward to the surprise!

Daniel was one on Dec. 27
so he and the new baby will be 17 months apart (and Arabella will be 32 months).  It's been an adventure having two babies close in age, so I'm excited to see how it will be with three little ones!  Arabella and Daniel get along very well most of the time.  They do have little squabbles at times, like any siblings (mostly over toys!) but they are always next to each other playing, and when Daniel cries Arabella gives him a big hug and tries to cheer him up by giving him a toy or treat.
Now that I am feeling better I have some sewing and projects in mind, so hopefully I will be able to post about those soon.  Wanting to share a project is always good motivation for getting it completed .


  1. Hello, Tania! Congratulations to you my sweet friend. I am so excited for you. I had wondered when you hadn't posted if this was the case but I have been too buried under myself to take time to email. Shame on me!

    I loved having my three boys in three years. They are such amazing friends, too. Now that they are all getting ready to enter those young adult years they are eating like crazy and that is an adventure! I will not lie to you. I was very tired with the three girls and the three babies. And to be honest I look back at pictures and I realize how little time I spent taking care of things like my hair. Ha! But it was absolutely delightful. I miss those days all the time and I am glad to have my baby Carmella and baby Addison now 21 months apart.

    I am so happy to see your growing family. Most young couples have no interest in children now or if they do it is to have their minimum so they can say they did it and then move on.

    You are my 5th friend who is due to have a new baby this spring. So wonderful is our God!!! Three of those friends live locally and are due within a few weeks of each other so we will be hosting a triple celebration. That is a first for me.

    If you will email me your actual due date I would like to add it to my prayer calendar, if you don't mind. I am sorry you are feeling sick. I know with some of mine it was horrible and other times I didn't feel great but it was manageable. I hope you will be up and feeling amazing for the duration.

    Since you mentioned sewing, I actually had a question for you, which I never emailed. I know you do a lot of crochet. I have looked for a year or so for a nice crochet pattern for Christmas stockings but I have not found one I was crazy about. I know you do a lot of crochet and knitting. Is there one you have found that you like?

    OK... I need to get busy over at my blog.



  2. Congratulations! Computer screens made my nausea worse too so I understand, but do keep us all updated once you're feeling better :)