Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Toddler Girl Winter Coat

I finally finished off a winter coat for Arabella.  I say finally because I began it back in November, but then I had to order some fur trim, which took over a month to arrive, and then it took me a while to get the coat finished and pictures taken.  Arabella has been able to wear it several times, but I doubt it will fit her next winter.  I should have made a size bigger!

She refused to wear the matching hat- I don't know why, since she loves all of her other hats.  

It was a quick and easy sew so I might just make another one for next year.  If she has a little sister they could even match!

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  1. That is simply gorgeous! Carmella has a coat like that (we got it at Goodwill) that would have cost nearly a hundred dollars if we had bought it new. Good job! You are pretty amazing. Two little ones and pregnant and still sewing coats! Wow. Carmella has another coat and hat set that a friend passed on to us. She loves the coat but also refuses to wear the hat. Which I have never understood since she wears hats all the time. She even wears a hat to bed sometimes. Go figure, eh?